May 14, 2013

A Voice That’s Worth Hearing, Tommie Sunshine on Daft Punk

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Written by: Keith Wozniak

Electronic music was not invented in 2010 but the way a lot of people talk you could easily see why someone would believe that. This music goes back many years and has been featured on MTV for at least the past 15 to 16 years at various times. This current boom of the past few years is bigger than ever but again, it’s not the first time all of it has made headlines. One of the disappointing things based on how long the music has been around is that there aren’t very many voices willing to talk about the way things are and the way things were without sounding like an old person yelling at you to stay off their lawn. This is where Tommie Sunshine comes in. I wish more veterans would offer a voice in the way that he does.

He wrote a column on The Huffington Post going into details of his and where we’re at right now.

The Album That Changed Our World

All I can really say about it is that I feel like I just stumbled on a new window that looks out into the greenest of pastures. It makes me feel young again, like anything and everything is possible. This is the ultimate goal of any piece of art. If two producers can make an album this far removed from what is trendy that they themselves become the trend, then really anything IS possible.

Read the rest on The Huffington Post here.

You have to read it. Consider it a homework assignment.

I respect Daft Punk. When they do something people stop and listen. I remember hearing and dancing to Around the World in 1998 at what would’ve been considered Top 40 clubs and then a year later skipping the chance to see Daft Punk at a rave in Toronto in 1999 because I didn’t care for their “pop songs.” If I only knew back then what I do now.

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