Sep 5, 2013

White House Petition to Ban Electronic Dance Music

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Written by: Keith Wozniak

The alarmist reactions have started and are trying to use the White House petition system for it. As of writing this there’s only 13 signatures on it with some an obvious flaw blaming music as the problem. This is completely ridiculous. As long as music has been popular there has been blame put on artists or a style from Elvis to The Beatles to Alice Copper to Two Live Crew to Marilyn Manson and the list goes on.

Unfortunately there’ll always be someone who thinks this way though. Let’s all continue to educate and inform those around us.

The new White House petition states:


Ban Electronic Dance Music of every genre. It is killing our youth

After the recent deaths at New Yorks Electric Zoo weekend. I firmly believe we should ban the the manufacturing of electronic dance music. It is turning our children into drug addicts and murderers.

Created: Sep 01, 2013

And yes, that really says murderers as well.


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