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May 23, 2014

2014 ProTip #30: Plan a Sunset and a Sunrise at EDC

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Written by: Keith Wozniak

There’s one thing that sets Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas apart from a majority of the other festivals around the world and it’s the fact that it runs all night long where you can dance under the electric sky. This isn’t a festival that ends once the street lights go on.


Let’s take a look at some times.

The gates open and the music starts at 7  pm.

The sunsets at 8:01 pm.

The sunrises at 5:24 am.

The music ends at 5:30 am.

Accept this protip and you’ll be happy that you did since both have their benefits.

It can be a challenge to arrive at the festival early for a sunset if you’re going to any pool parties but find a day that you aren’t and make this your goal. It’ll be tempting to stay at a pool party but you’ll have to factor in the time it’ll take to walk back to your hotel (or take a cab), shower, change and then get to your shuttle. For those who stay away from pool parties you’ll have no problems getting ready and getting to the shuttles.

The benefit to getting there early for a sunset is that you’ll see an empty Las Vegas Motor Speedway slowly start to fill up. You’ll see the lights start to get brighter and brighter. You’ll see the sun slowly fade below the horizon and the darkness creep in. Before you know it there’s over 100,000 people and the party is in full swing!

The easiest way to last until sunrise is to take a look at the time slots once the schedule is released and pick a DJ that’ll be playing the closing time slot and end the night with music you love. It can be sad knowing the night is coming to an end but there’s also a sense of accomplishment making it through the end of the night and spending it with music that you love.

One downside to staying until the end is that the wait times will be a little longer for the shuttles but you can take your time heading out that way. They don’t start herding everyone out the gates like a bunch of cattle. You can find a spot on the grass and relax if you’d like and let the lines die down.

Here’s a great video of a sunrise set from EDC Las Vegas 2013. The video is of Dash Berlins set and even if you don’t care for his music just take a moment to scan through the video as the night turns into morning.


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