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May 27, 2014

2014 ProTip #27: Keep an Open Mind To Something New

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Written by: Dave Jurgens

Now that the official EDC Las Vegas 2014 lineup has been released by Insomniac, the next thing that everyone will be asking about is when will the set times be released.  Last year the festival schedule was released on June 19, two days before EDC Las Vegas 2013 kicked off.  As soon as the official set times become available they’ll be posted here, on Insomniac’s social media sites, electricdaisycarnival.com and on Insomniac’s mobile app.  

Once the set times have been released we typically start planning out our schedules around seeing our favorite artists.  But just remember, all of our favorite artists at one time were at one time someone new until we discovered them.  Don’t get too rigid in your scheduling that you don’t leave any time to explore and experiment seeing new artists and hanging out at stages featuring styles of music that you may not typically listen to.

The best thing we suggest is to pick five artists that are on your must see list and then try to wing it from there. Compare your list to others you’ll be partying with and follow them to other stages with an open mind. You may like it. You may hate it. At least you’ll have taken the time to check someone new out.

So as we’re getting excited that EDC that is just around the corner, one thing to think about while planning out your EDC Las Vegas schedule is to always keep an open mind to something new. You never know, you might end up discovering your next favorite artist to make your own top 10 list.

Also check out one of our original ProTips was #79 in 2013, find new music and don’t be a prisoner.


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