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May 19, 2015

EDC ProTip: Flying Into McCarran Airport

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Written by: Suzanne Welker Jurgens

Whether it’s your first time flying into Las Vegas or you’ve flown in before, you’re going to want to make sure to be in that window seat. McCarran Airport has  one of the world’s most scenic airport approaches (ranked number 2 out of 10 according to PrivateFly’s 2015 survey). If your plane lands during the daytime, you’ll be flying over the mountain ranges that surround the valley. Keep your eyes peeled, because depending on your flight path you might even fly near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where you possibly could catch a glimpse of Electric Daisy Carnival’s larger stages like circutGROUNDs. Then on the final approach you’ll be able to spot many of the iconic hotel casinos along the strip. 

If you’re flying in at night, you’ll see Las Vegas all lit up with brilliant neon lights emanating from the strip.


Transportation To / From McCarran Airport

Once I land in Las Vegas I like to get to my hotel and get checked in as soon as possible as I can so that I can meet up with friends and head off to a pool party. So most of the time I opt to take a taxi. If you’re planning on taking a taxi to get to your hotel, depending on the time you arrive you should expect a long queue. The last time I took a cab the cost was around $25-$30.  If you want to gauge approximately how much a taxi will set you back you can use a fare calculator. One thing I’d recommend is that you don’t have the cab take the scenic route down the strip. It’s usually packed with traffic which moves slow, so it’s going to take you a lot longer to get to where you’re headed and probably cost a lot more too. If you’re on a limited budget and you’re not in a rush other transportation options are to take a shuttle or a public bus.  Since most of us are in Las Vegas to have some fun, getting behind the wheel of a rental car on days 2, 3, 4, etc. after a long night out on the town might not be the best option. Also do you really want to drive back after a long night at EDC? (see EDC ProTip: Driving to the Festival). But if this is an option that works best for you, at least there are plenty of parking garages in Las Vegas.

Read up about the various transportation options available from the airport on McCarran’s website and in one of our previous EDC ProTips, Getting from the Airport to the Hotel.




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