Alex M.O.R.P.H. Takeover: Interview and Review

Recently I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to experience the trance legend himself, Alex M.O.R.P.H. Trying to prepare myself for this night was nearly impossible. Alex is a complete beast behind those CDJ’s and this night was going to be a spectacular night! This particular show was hosted by Unity Events and the venue of choice was WildPitch […]

Electric Daisy Carnival

Celebrating 20 Years With The Electric Daisy Carnival

Insomniac hosted the iconic Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Speedway last month. The gigantic event was one for the books as it once again sold out, celebrating their 20th Anniversary. With a massive lineup of 200+ DJs from all genres of electronic music and a new layout of the Speedway, Insomniac made sure that […]

Electric Daisy Carnival

EDC Orlando 2016 Official Teaser

Insomniac returns to Tinker Field on November 4 & 5, 2016, for yet another fantastic weekend of sunshine, good vibes, spectacular art, performers, carnival rides and the best beats around. Last year was a truly magical event and we cannot wait for this years installment. With many more great announcements to come, this teaser video just […]


Review: A Little Background on Arno Cost and His New EP ‘Coming Alive’

Paris’ golden star Arno Cost just released his first EP Coming Alive on Protocol Recordings. For those of you who don’t know, P.R. is Dutch house DJ Nicky Romero’s label. Cost’s EP will feature two fresh tracks: “1000 Suns” and the title track “Coming Alive”. The first track, “1000 Suns”, is happy tune that leads you in with […]


Review: Bobby Puma ft. Desiree Dawnson Come Alive on Armada Deep

Bobby Puma, hot on heels of his recent huge collaboration with Tiesto “Making Me Dizzy“, is now back with a new release on Armada Deep. He joined forces with Desiree Dawson to create the house anthem of the summer, “Come Alive“. Desiree‘s angelic vocals introduce the track alongside high energy percussion, guaranteed to make you want […]



Armin van Buuren Introduces the Darker Side of Trance on ASOT 666

Armin van Buuren reached another milestone this week with episode number 666 of A State of Trance, his weekly radio show that’s listened to by millions around the world every Thursday. He could have just treated it like a...
by Keith Wozniak


EDC Vegas ProTip #2 Buy Suzanne and Keith Some Drinks

We’re almost ready to have some fun in Las Vegas so here’s the second to last protip and it’s time to meet the team behind this site and buy us drinks if you see us out! This was originally scheduled to be pos...
by Keith Wozniak



Above & Beyond Releases After Movie and New Track Mariana Trench

Releasing an after movie is the perfect way for any artist or company to continue the hype and excitement well after an event has ended and Above & Beyond has done just that, releasing an after movie for episode 50 Group Th...
by Keith Wozniak


Paris Hilton is Attending EDC 2013 in Vegas

Don’t be alarmed, it’s not her first time going to an Electric Daisy Carnival so there’s no need to alarm. Paris Hilton may have jumped on the bandwagon of wanting to be a DJ but so has just about every other ...
by Keith Wozniak



Armin Only Major Announcement

Directly from the Armin Only Facebook page, **MAJOR CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT** Due to the recent passing of Armin Van Buuren’s father-in-law after a lengthy battle with cancer, Alda Events (the producer of Armin Only and Li...
by Tory Clinton


EDC ProTip: Live the VIP Life at EDC!

Constantly I hear at festivals and read online about people complaining about VIP. They usually talk about why it isn’t worth it or that the people in VIP are ruining the experience for others. I am here to tell you otherwise...
by Grant Gilmore



EDC Las Vegas Trailers, Which is Your Favorite?

As EDC Las Vegas changes every year with more technology and bigger, better stages the trailers have to evolve as well. Most of us really look forward to these trailers and it bring realism to the festival to come. Check out th...
by Tory Clinton


Bassrush Pool Party Thursday June 20

Today is the day for pool party announcements it seems! The HARD Pool Party lineup was released today and now Bassrush has announced a pool party as well for Thursday June 20 at Paradise Beach at the Hardrock Hotel. The price i...
by Keith Wozniak



This is House Music – Kaskade Redux Tour Video

This is house music. An hour and 40 minutes of groovy house music. Ignore the crowd that doesn’t seem to move at the center and just enjoy it. This is the music that used to be on main stages at what were called massives ...
by Keith Wozniak


Lineup Announced for EDC Orlando 2014 at Tinker Field

The 4th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando returns to Tinker Field for two nights on Friday, November 7th and Saturday, November 8th.  Insomniac announced the names of  over 60 artists that will be performing at this ye...
by Suzanne Welker Jurgens



2014 ProTip #18: Chap Stick is the Most Essential Item

When we started protips in 2013 the first one was chap stick and anyone who’s an EDC veteran, lives in Las Vegas or visits often can tell you that chap stick is one of the most essential items you’ll need. Don’...
by Keith Wozniak


2014 ProTip #27: Keep an Open Mind To Something New

Now that the official EDC Las Vegas 2014 lineup has been released by Insomniac, the next thing that everyone will be asking about is when will the set times be released.  Last year the festival schedule was released on June...
by Dave Jurgens



Review: Borgore in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities to visit, so when I gained all access to Republic to see Borgore it was a no brainer. This was one of the first times that I had attended a show at this beautiful venue, Republic. Republ...
by Tory Clinton


Hardwell Throws Down at the World’s Largest Sporting Event

Every year, over 400,000 fans flock to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to marvel at Indy Car’s biggest spectacle, the Indy 500. Reaching speeds well over 230 mph, the race is an incredible feat of engineering, but if that doe...
by Timmy Kusnierek



EDC Vegas ProTip #29 Driving to the Festival

The shuttle buses are the recommend method of transportation from the Las Vegas strip to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for Electric Daisy Carnival, but there’s still plenty of people staying elsewhere or just want to drive...
by Keith Wozniak


Summer Set Music Festival 2015 Day 1 Recap

  Driving from St. Paul to Somerset took roughly 45 minutes, we parked at the liquor store across the street and headed to the venue. After getting our credentials and getting thru security, we started our day off with Hay...
by Grant Gilmore



Armada Collaborates to Create the Academy of Electronic Music

Armada Music has collaborated with Point Blank Music School, DJ Mag and Google+ to help young talent trying to break out in the electronic music industry by creating the Academy of Electronic Music. It is a social network in wh...
by Tory Clinton


2014 ProTip #32: Live Large this Year at EDC with VIP Parking, High-End Dining and Exclusive Bottle Service

Are you looking to do EDC Las Vegas VIP style?  There are some new VIP options as well as offerings brought back from last year that will be available at EDC Las Vegas 2014. VIP Parking If you and your group decided to ski...
by Suzanne Welker Jurgens



Photos: A Look Inside EDC Las Vegas 2014

Some of the things we’ll remember forever about EDC Las Vegas 2014 include the massive kineticFIELD, the largest stage ever constructed in North America which towered over the crowd at 440 feet wide and 80 feet tall. The cat...
by Suzanne Welker Jurgens


TomorrowWorld – 2nd Artist Announcement

TomorrowWorld is a 3-day music festival (and 5-day camping experience) nestled within 8,000 acres of expansive forests and lakes known for mind-blowing décor, massive artist line-ups, luxury camping, and gourmet food. In 201...
by Tory Clinton