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EDC Vegas ProTip #74 Educate Yourself and Know that Less is More

This tip comes from the days that I used to be involved with Dancesafe and harm reduction in the rave scene. It’s pretty simple, educated party goers are safer party goers. The world isn’t stupid when it comes to wh...
by Keith Wozniak


EDC Vegas ProTip #48 Be Prepared for Cigarette Smoke

Once upon a time it used to be legal to smoke cigarette’s inside of every tavern, bar, club, rave and even restaurant and it was horrible whether you smoked or not. You’d get burned by people waving cigarette’...
by Keith Wozniak


The Largest and Fullest Moon of 2013 During EDC Vegas

We’re a month away from arriving in Las Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 and the excitement continues to build. One of the many highlights that EDC Vegas has over other festivals is the fact that it goes from sunset...
by Keith Wozniak



EDC Vegas ProTip #19 Getting from the Airport to the Hotel

Anyone who has been to Las Vegas before probably won’t need this tip or it could be a simple refresher. It’s very easy to get to your hotel from the airport and then back to the airport when you need to get home, al...
by Keith Wozniak


EDC Vegas ProTip #9 Do Not Miss a Sunrise at the Festival

I’ve talked about chap stick, lockers, shuttle passes, club events, pool partiesĀ and more so now it’s time to talk about an import part of the experience, the sunrise. This may take a lot of effort depending on you...
by Keith Wozniak