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EDC Orlando Tickets on Sale

Join us Under the Electric Sky with the return of Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando, coming to Florida at the historic Tinker Field Friday, November 7 and Saturday, November 8 for a weekend of super blooming beats, funkdafie...
by Tory Clinton


2014 ProTip #17: A Festival Hotel Room Needs Air Fresheners

There’s some topics that just don’t get talked about but should and this one is the stink. It’ll happen and you’ll need air fresheners. You’ll be in a hotel room for at least three nights and four ...
by Keith Wozniak


EDC Las Vegas 2015: Event Recap

  Nothing really compares to the sheer massiveness of the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Having attended since 2012, there has personally never been an electronic music festival where I have felt so at home. Were t...
by Grant Gilmore



Bassrush Pool Party Thursday June 20

Today is the day for pool party announcements it seems! The HARD Pool Party lineup was released today and now Bassrush has announced a pool party as well for Thursday June 20 at Paradise Beach at the Hardrock Hotel. The price i...
by Keith Wozniak


How to Take off a Shuttle Pass You Put on too Early

*Disclaimer* I’m not responsible if you damage or break your shuttle pass and can’t be used. The information in the booklet told you not to put it on just yet. But if you have, watch this video and be careful and it...
by Keith Wozniak