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Push The Button – Above & Beyond

As well all know Above & Beyond is one of the best trance acts of this century. Not only are they amazing artist but also very humble and respectful men. Not many artist now a day do this but Above & Beyond go out of th...
by Tory Clinton


Andy C Interview: Amazed at EDC Las Vegas, New Excitement and Longevity

There’s many different genres of electronic music and each genre has a pioneering forces behind it and when it comes to drum and bass that name is Andy C, also nicknamed The Executioner. Andy C is also a co-founder of Ram...
by Keith Wozniak


EDC 2014 Festival Grounds: Insomniac Covered it All Perfectly

It’s easy to write a review the day or two after an event but sometimes letting some time pass for everything sink in┬ácan really help you appreciate what you experienced. I’ve been attending electronic music events...
by Keith Wozniak



EDC Week Review: Eric Prydz at Drai’s Beach Club

The newest and one of the most lavish pool party venues in Las Vegas is called Drai’s Beach Club and is located on the roof top of The Cromwell towards the North end of the Las Vegas strip and was host to Eric Prydz for a...
by Keith Wozniak


You Controlled the Vibe at EDC with Over 130k People

The vibe is something that is always brought up during and after any electronic music event and will often generate a large discussion depending on what a person is saying. These conversations are natural but also need to be pu...
by Keith Wozniak