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Rolling Stone: 50 Most Important People in EDM

Rolling Stone Magazine compiled a list of who they believe are the 50 most important people in EDM and overall it’s a great list but somewhat surprising that someone like Nile Rodgers made the list and two noticeable name...
by Keith Wozniak


Deadmau5 Says Farewell to Miami Club Scene

The producer/DJ stopped at Miami’s Mansion club for a New Year’s Day set that made for a disheartening start to 2014. After making his frustration known on Twitter about VIPs texting all night in the front row, Zimmerman ...
by Tory Clinton


Regardless of Rotella Trial, EDC 2014 Set to Go Forward

Pasquale Rotella will be going to trial soon but don’t let that put any fear in your soul about the future of Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 and beyond in Las Vegas. An anonymous Las Vegas Motor Speedway official shared thi...
by Keith Wozniak