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Mark Sherry US Tour

Scotland has long been a leader in producing pioneers of electronic dance music, but often flies under the radar in its contributions to the scene. Until now. As Scottish tech­ trance maestro Mark Sherry’s star continues to ...
by Tory Clinton


Above & Beyond Back In LA

After a career-defining Madison Square Garden show that had Jono, Paavo, Tony and tens of thousands of fans simultaneously feeling and knowing “We Are All We Need”, Above & Beyond will be bringing the same explosiv...
by Tory Clinton


Trailer for Above & Beyond Acoustic Album and Film

Every genre of music reaches a point where people start to say that it’s all the same and there’s nothing different or new about it but in 2013 Above & Beyond took things to a new level by creating an acoustic a...
by Keith Wozniak



Alesso Announces North American Uprising Tour

Alesso is the most recent DJ to plan a North American tour now that festival season is finishing up. The Swedish DJ will travel to 12 different major cities across North America starting in Las Vegas and ending in New York City...
by Keith Wozniak


We’ve Known for Over a Year That Pasquale Rotella Could Face Jail Time

As a lot of headlines around the internet are screaming “PASQUALE ROTELLA COULD FACE 13 YEARS OF PRISON TIME” I’ll simply say that’s nothing new. The idea that Pasquale could face jail time has been know...
by Keith Wozniak