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16 EDC Week Events at High Risk for Sellout

If you’re thinking about hitting up some pool parties or nightclub events during EDC Week, don’t wait to much longer to buy tickets! Several shows have already sold out and if you want to go your only option is bott...
by Suzanne Welker Jurgens


2014 ProTip #32: Live Large this Year at EDC with VIP Parking, High-End Dining and Exclusive Bottle Service

Are you looking to do EDC Las Vegas VIP style?  There are some new VIP options as well as offerings brought back from last year that will be available at EDC Las Vegas 2014. VIP Parking If you and your group decided to ski...
by Suzanne Welker Jurgens


Chuckie at Marquee Nightclub Monday June 24

There’s a lot of people that will be sticking around Las Vegas for an extra day or two after Electric Daisy Carnival and the clubs know this so they’ve booked some top talent to give the speakers a workout. The dirt...
by Keith Wozniak



Benny Benassi at Marquee Nightclub June 21

There’ll be 115,000 people at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for Electric Daisy Carnival but that doesn’t mean the rest of Las Vegas is a ghost town. In fact, it’s still a massive city with people partying. Ther...
by Keith Wozniak


Avicii at Marquee Nightclub Thursday June 20

Another recent EDC week event that has just been announced is Avicii who will appear at Marquee Nightclub on Thursday June 20. If you’re a fan of Avicii and will be in Las Vegas you won’t want to miss the chance to ...
by Keith Wozniak