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EDC Vegas ProTip #32 Bring an Extra Cell Phone Battery or Charging Attachment

There’s more tips focused on phones than any others because we’re all attached to them. It’s how we communicate, take pictures, videos and share what we’re doing. You’ll likely be on the go and wan...
by Keith Wozniak


EDC Vegas ProTip #35 Stay Off of Facebook and Twitter

Do you have any close friends that don’t know that you are going to Las Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival? I doubt it. If you do have friends in the dark it’s probably because you have to hide the fact that you̵...
by Keith Wozniak


EDC Vegas ProTip #41 International Traveller’s Check Your Phone Plans

This tip can apply to anyone that will ever be travelling outside of the country for any reason, not just international traveller’s arriving in Las Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival. ProTip #75 covered the topic of not ex...
by Keith Wozniak



EDC Vegas ProTip #75 Do Not Expect Cell Phone Service

Another weekend gone by and another weekend closer to Electric Daisy Carnival 2013! Today’s tip is about cell phone service and the tip is that you should not expect any once you’re at the Speedway. There’s go...
by Keith Wozniak