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EDC Vegas ProTip #15 Avoid Making EDC Babies

I’m going to sound like your mom or dad here but believe it or not they know a thing or two. Next week I’ll be posting a list of things you should be bringing with you to Las Vegas and near the top of that list is s...
by Keith Wozniak


EDC Vegas ProTip #1 HAVE FUN

Thanks for reading all of the ProTip’s I’ve written and now it’s time to just be ready for THE FIRST NIGHT OF ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL 2013!! At this point everything is probably out the window and it’s t...
by Keith Wozniak


2014 ProTip #40: Changes to EDC Shuttles and Some FAQs

The official shuttle bus service through Insomniac for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2014 has changed from 2013 so we figured this was a great place to start. We’ll be counting down a protip a day until the day we all...
by Keith Wozniak



2014 ProTip #25: Removing a Wristband You Put on Too Early

As you receive your ticket package and shuttle wristband in the mail there’ll be excitement to just put it on and raise your hand in the air in victory but we suggest you wait. Do you really want to be wearing it for anot...
by Keith Wozniak


EDC Vegas ProTip #82 Don’t Forget Chap Stick

Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 in Las Vegas is less than three months away so it’s time to start providing some pro tips so that you have the best festival experience!  I’ll provide a pro tip a day every day with the...
by Keith Wozniak