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EDC ProTip: Removing a Wristband You Put on Too Early

As you receive your ticket package and shuttle wristband in the mail there’ll be excitement to just put it on and raise your hand in the air in victory but we suggest you wait. Do you really want to be wearing it for seve...
by The Scene is Dead


EDC ProTip: 14 Essentials to Bring to the Speedway

Whether you’re ready for it or not, festival season has arrived. So are you ready or are you absolutely lost? If you’re lost don’t trip my fellow festival goers, I’ve created a list of essentials ranging...
by Tamlyn Koga


2014 ProTip #17: A Festival Hotel Room Needs Air Fresheners

There’s some topics that just don’t get talked about but should and this one is the stink. It’ll happen and you’ll need air fresheners. You’ll be in a hotel room for at least three nights and four ...
by Keith Wozniak



2014 ProTip #18: Chap Stick is the Most Essential Item

When we started protips in 2013 the first one was chap stick and anyone who’s an EDC veteran, lives in Las Vegas or visits often can tell you that chap stick is one of the most essential items you’ll need. Don’...
by Keith Wozniak


2014 ProTip #19: Your Hotel Room Needs Cold Drinks

You’re traveling to a hotel room for anywhere from three to seven days, have you thought about how to keep your water cold? What about your beer? Chances are that your hotel room does not come equipped with a fridge an...
by Keith Wozniak