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EDC Las Vegas Main Stages 2011 to 2013

There’s 99 days until EDC Las Vegas 2014 so it’s time to start getting excited about the festival ahead.¬†With less than 100 days to go until the festival the main stage is likely in final design process and plans a...
by Keith Wozniak


The Book of Wisdom – Chapter 2 TomorrowWorld

Being labeled, the second chapter of the Book of Wisdom. Traveling over 5,000 miles in 80 shipping containers, this massive stage that once was the main attraction in Belgium at Tomorrowland, will soon be built in the Chattahoo...
by Tory Clinton


Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 Layout Map has Been Updated

The Insomniac application for iOS devices has been updated and when you click through to the map you’ll find the layout for Electric Daisy Carnival 2013. It may not look like much at first but just remember how massive th...
by Keith Wozniak



Construction of the Stages has Started

The construction has been well underway for Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 as 64 semi trucks filled with about 1.2 million pounds of scaffolding from all over North America were delivered to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. HereR...
by Keith Wozniak