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16 EDC Week Events at High Risk for Sellout

If you’re thinking about hitting up some pool parties or nightclub events during EDC Week, don’t wait to much longer to buy tickets! Several shows have already sold out and if you want to go your only option is bott...
by Suzanne Welker Jurgens


2014 ProTip #31: Don’t Throw Balls at DJs

This one is pretty simple and it doesn’t matter if you’re inside or outside, don’t throw balls at DJs! There should never come a time where anything is thrown at a DJ but saying don’t throw balls is a be...
by Keith Wozniak


Paris Hilton is Attending EDC 2013 in Vegas

Don’t be alarmed, it’s not her first time going to an Electric Daisy Carnival so there’s no need to alarm. Paris Hilton may have jumped on the bandwagon of wanting to be a DJ but so has just about every other ...
by Keith Wozniak



Tritonal and Seven Lions at Tao Beach June 20

They keep coming and coming. Thursday June 20 Tao Beach will host Tritonal and Sevon Lions and tickets are only $10 for the ladies and $20 for guys. Tritonal has built a massive audience over the past 24 months playing all over...
by Keith Wozniak


Gareth Emery at Tao Beach on June 22

This could be one of the last pool parties to be announced as just about every day is filled up at most other venues, this completes the three day lineup for Tao Beach. Gareth Emery will be at Tao Beach on June 22. Does Gareth ...
by Keith Wozniak