Jun 2, 2013

Markus Schulz Welcomed Paris Hilton and now Justin Bieber

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Written by: Keith Wozniak

Cross post from This will certainly get a lot of the internet outraged. Markus Schulz sent out the Tweet below shortly after 1:00AM on Saturday night welcoming Justin Bieber to the trance family. Wait, what? You read that right, invited the kid to the trance family! Good, welcome aboard Justin.

It was also just a joke and the internet erupted like you would expect it to have! Markus is not making a new track with Justin Bieber.

This isn’t the first time that Markus has sent the internet into a tail spin. In 2011 he also welcomed Paris Hilton with the following tweet (couldn’t find a screen capture but this is real):

Amazing party @SpaceIbiza. Highlight was seeing @parishilton jamming out. She is learning quickly what’s up! Welcome to the #trancefamily

The internet was outraged. The internet often needs to relax.

Tonight he sent out the following:

Markus Schulz welcomes Justin BieberPlease take a deep breath if your blood pressure just shot through the roof, it’s no big deal! Markus Schulz isn’t going to let any of these pop stars or attention craving celebrities change the way that he makes music. Invite everyone to the party to enjoy the trance music the world loves!

Markus Schulz Justin Bieber Tweet


Dig deep into the archives of what Markus Schulz has remixed and you’ll notice he has a long history of working with pop stars a long time ago and here it is in 2013 and he’s still sending ravers down the rabbit hole and slaying unicorns without sacrificing any part of his soul.

Did you know that Markus Schulz is a partner in a new club that is opening in South Florida? Probably not because it was real news and positive news and that doesn’t generate as much hype. Read that story here.

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