Aug 6, 2013

1999-12-11 Phlux Productions Mission into Drums Niagara Falls

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Written by: Keith Wozniak

Phlux Productions presented Mission Into Drums on December 11, 1999 in what was a true warehouse rave. The event was held in an empty warehouse on Willow Street in Niagara Falls across the street from Wilson Farms. To enter the venue you had to walk up some old metal stairs and the event was on the second floor. It was dark, dirty and cold.


Artistic Records/Moonshine music Orlando, FL


Knowmatic Tribe Soundsystem Buffalo, NY


Heroz Rochester, NY


Heroz Rochester, NY


Heroz/XXX Rochester, NY


Heroz Rochester, NY


Heroz Rochester, NY

Jon Juan MC

MC Jumper

Time: 10pm-7:30am
Tickets: $12 door only
Virgin venue

1999-12-11 Phlux Mission into Drums

Here’s some pictures of the venue taken from Google Street view. The venue was the second floor of the large building in the bottom right corner of this picture.

Phlux Mission into Drums venue sky shot 1999-12-11

The entrance can be seen here through the trees on the left side of this picture.

Phlux Mission into Drums venue2 1999-12-11

Straight towards the back was the entrance on the left side of this building. There were port-o-potties setup on the outside as well for use. There were not any bathrooms or running water inside.

Phlux Mission into Drums venue 1999-12-11

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