Aug 6, 2013

Ha Ha Offworld Productions April 1 2000 Buffalo NY

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Written by: Keith Wozniak

I went digging for this flyer because a the Veld Music Festival flyer in Toronto seemed very very familiar. As I was digging through my bin of flyers I didn’t know what it was similar to and finally found it. I’m not saying that Veld copied the flyer in any way because the first Veld was 12 years later. The Veld flyer is at the bottom of the post that shows the similar circle with a line (not very groundbreaking).

This event was held in Buffalo on April 1, 2000 in Buffalo, NY and featured breakbeat, house and drum n bass music.

Drum n Bass headliners: Kenny Ken, Dieselboy, DJ Sine, DJ Cable, The Concept, CRC, Hoogs, MC Dub 2 and MC Valiant

Breaks & House headliners: Simply Jeff, Kelly Reverb, Eric Davenport, Marty McFly, DJ Greene, RTSA and Chris Parkhurst.

Venue: The event was held inside of two venues, The Grind and Rockafella’s both on Main St.

Another bit of information is that at the time of this event there was also “Suspension” hosted by Phlux Production that was held at The Coliseum in downtown Buffalo and at the time it split the rave crowd. Both of the events had a decent amount of people and we all lived happily ever after.

Ha Ha Offworld Productions April 1 2000 front Buffalo NY

 The Veld Music Festival logo:

Veld Music Festival logo

The rest of the Ha Ha flyer:

Ha Ha April 1 2000 inside Buffalo NY

Ha Ha April 1 2000 back Buffalo NY


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