Sep 2, 2013

Sneak, Farina and Carter Talk EDM, Record Stores and Technology

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Written by: Keith Wozniak

DJ Sneak, Mark Farina and Derrick Carter are three originators of house music and have been a part of it for 25 years showing no signs of stopping. Anyone who loves house music should be familiar with these three. DJ Mag posted a Q&A with them in which they touch on EDM, record stores, technology and more. They may come off as sounding better than everyone else at times but they’ve proven themselves sticking around this long and have seen it all.

Here’s one section from the article:

Now that you’ve endured through maybe 25 years of dance music and club culture, how do you feel about where you’re at right now?

Sneak: “Well, I think that whole EDM thing has to be explained a little better to people. There are people like us who have been playing for 25 years in America. [EDM] is a big commercial boom. It’s a bubble and it will burst, but when it does, we’ll still be around because our music and our culture, it’s all come from what we’ve been doing this last 25 years. It will attract kids that don’t know about it, and it’s about musically educating people. But they run into either one of us, and they’re going to get a schooling that night. Then they’ll want to learn who else makes this kind of music. We could be mad about it, but maybe we can just learn to be around it, maybe even capitalise on it a little bit. Because we deserve it. We put in our hours. We have our stripes.

Derrick: “EDM strikes me as being like the rave scene that we went through, but times 50. Whatever. EDM didn’t make me. I was doing what I was doing before I knew that that was what I was doing. This is no newly-minted thing. We always been here. For 25 years. How do you express that to people who are 21-years-old? ‘I been doing this 25 years, how old are you?’, ’21’, ‘Right, let me talk to your dad’.”

Read the rest of the interview from DJ Mag –

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