Sep 4, 2013

Finding Molly: Drugs, Dancing and Death

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Written by: Keith Wozniak

In the wake of the incidents at Electric Zoo and other deaths at dance music events in America there continues to be a lot written on education, harm reduction and healthy debates about the state of the scene. Going in a completely different direction here’s some straight talk that is a must read about club drugs without any sugarcoating by someone who was involved with it all.

The author writes:

In the wake of Electric Zoo being canceled on its final day due to some unfortunate drug overdoses, I thought it was time someone from within the music business spoke up. Unfortunately, most people in the music business are devoid of swirling, spherical sacks of awesome, tucked between their legs. However, since I officially left the music business last Tuesday, I have no qualms about airing my former dirty laundry. The business of Electronic Dance Music, colloquially known as EDM, has a huge problem. People are dropping dead like flies. The following essay isn’t a smoking gun; it’s a fucking nuclear onslaught.

First things first: MDMA and “Molly” are two different things. I know what MDMA is, because I can use Wikipedia. Molly is something wholly different – because the person consuming it never really knows what they are taking. In my lifetime, I have done Molly more times than I can count, and I have never taken the same drug twice. It’s not like marijuana, cocaine, or psilocybin mushrooms, where you know what you’re getting. At least if my blow has been stomped on by more Mexican drug dealers than the entire cast of “Breaking Bad,” I’ll know the worst I’m putting in my nose is baby formula, some Bayer, and then maybe a tiny bit of cocaine. We’ve all had a bag of shitty weed – and yeah, it might give you a headache, but it’s not going to kill you.

Molly isn’t like that.

Another portion of the post presents some more information comparable to Breaking Bad:

$112,000 – gross. Of course, he probably had to pay police, security, someone connected to the promoter, a few people to sell it, bribes, etc. I’ll assume he’ll still clear $100,000. He’s like a real life Walter White – no wonder “Breaking Bad” is so popular. It’s real.

The rest is a must read and goes into a lot more than those two paragraphs. Much of it may seem far fetched having been involved in this business for a long time and seeing how things work I can asure you that they are not. The entire industry is not like this but there’s definitely a Breaking Bad type of underworld that many will never see or want to see.

Read on: This is the real story of club drugs

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