Sep 19, 2013

Bryan Kearney Calls Out the Moronic EDM Sound

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Written by: Keith Wozniak

Bryan Kearney (pronounced KARNAY) joins the ranks of those calling out the “EDM sound” in an interview with Beats Media. The common disgust with the acronym is that it describes a sound that provides instant gratification and are quickly forgotten, also known as the drop. There’ll likely be two groups of people reading this, those who wonder who the hell Bryan Kearney is in the first place and then those who agree.

In the question below he says, “I think the kids are been brainwashed by this moronic EDM sound. The kids want instant gratification with each track, the idea of been taken on a journey in a set would be alien to them.”

As we head towards 2014 we can probably all agree that there’s room for all sounds whatever your preference is.

Read the entire context of the question and his full reply:

You are widely regarded as one of the front runners of the ‘Proper Trance’ movement at the moment with the sound becoming more popular and gaining more support the world over, why do you think this is and what do you think the future holds for this sound?

Well it’s nice to be regarded as a front runner in any field so if people see me in this way it’s good and I appreciate it. I think one of the main reasons for this is because my roots are from the so-called ‘Golden Age’ of Trance. This was where I began my journey and education from the dance floor to the DJ Box. I know what trance is meant to be. A lot of stuff that gets labelled with the trance moniker is so far detached from what trance is. Of course music evolves but when it transforms into something that’s not trance I don’t think it can be called so. I’m not going to go into BPM debates as I’m sick and tired of music being defined by numbers, it’s like defining the taste of food by its colour. With regards to where I see it going it’s tough to say. One worrying aspect I feel in certain parts of the world is the age of the crowd, they seem to be a lot older so does that mean that the kids are not getting into what we play? I think the kids are been brainwashed by this moronic EDM sound. The kids want instant gratification with each track, the idea of been taken on a journey in a set would be alien to them. The older people get the idea of a journey more as they would of experienced it throughout their clubbing lives. This isn’t the case in all areas though. With regards to where I’m going to take it or what’s going to happen, only time will tell. I have a firm belief in what I do, have a passion for it, for the music and I am dedicated in taking it as far as possible. I’m not alone in this belief 😉

Read the rest of the interview on Beats Media

What do you think?

The Toika Toronto set that he refers to can be listened to here:

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