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May 18, 2014

2014 ProTip #35: 50 EDC Questions Answered by Pasquale Rotella on Twitter

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Written by: Suzanne Welker Jurgens

Pasquale Rotella is known using Twitter to interact with his fans and answer their questions.  So when some headliners have random questions about EDC Las Vegas, they go straight to the source and ask Pasquale on Twitter.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 50 EDC Las Vegas questions that Pasquale has recently been asked on Twitter along with his response.

Acceptable and Prohibited Items

Q: Can we take open chapsticks or Vicks inhalers?
@PasqualeRotella:  Sealed chapsticks are OK, but not Vicks inhalers

Q: Can I take an unopened pack of lollipops to @EDC_LasVegas?
@PasqualeRotella: No outside food or drink allowed unfortunately (includes candy)

Q: Are hoops allowed at @EDC_LasVegas?
@PasqualeRotella:  Yes they are!

Q: Why can’t we have vapes at EDC?
@PasqualeRotella: Disposable e-cigs are OK! But rechargeable e-cig vaporizers w/ refillable liquid chambers will not be allowed.

Q: Can I bring sealed allergy medicine?
@PasqualeRotella:  No sealed meds will be allowed. OTC meds like Advil etc. will be available at the general store.

Q:  I have diabetic stuff I require to take. I didn’t need it last EDC. But this year I do. What’s the policy?
@PasqualeRotella: Yes, that’s OK as long as you bring your prescription too (name should match your ID)

Q: I have asthma, can I bring  an inhaler?
@PasqualeRotella: Inhalers are permitted, but it will be examined and you’ll need the prescription which has to match your ID


Q: Is it okay to wear spikes if they’re attached to my bra?
@PasqualeRotella: Non-metal spikes are OK! But security guards vary in strictness..ask for an Insomniac safety rep if you have issues @ the gate

Q: Umbrellas?
@PasqualeRotella: Small, personal umbrellas are OK. Large umbrellas won’t be permitted

Q: Are floats allowed into edc?
@PasqualeRotella: Yes, inflatables are allowed (must be deflated upon entry)

Q: What is EDC’s policy on bandanas?
@PasqualeRotella: Bandanas are allowed

Q: Since cellphones will likely not be working would we be allowed to use our own walkie talkies as an option to communicate?
@PasqualeRotella: Non-commercial, consumer grade walkie talkies are okay to bring!

Q: Can I use plastic pole from Halloween prop as a pole for my totem for @EDC_LasVegas?
@PasqualeRotella: Yes, that’s fine since it’s non-metal

Q: Are totems allowed @EDC_LasVegas?
@PasqualeRotella: Yes, totems are allowed at @EDC_LasVegas as long as the pole is non-metal

Q: Are we allowed to have flag poles at EDCLV?
@PasqualeRotella: Yep, as long as they’re non-metal

Q: Can we bring banners/flags to EDC LV?
@PasqualeRotella:  Yes, flags & signs are allowed as long as they don’t have a metal pole or corporate/company branding



Q: Can I bring power bank into edc?
@PasqualeRotella: Yes, that’s fine! Just prepare to have it examined by security

Q: Are we allowed to take the portable chargers for out phones to edc just in case our phones die in the speedway?
@PasqualeRotella: Yes, portable phone chargers are allowed at #EDC! Just prepare to have them examined by security.


Q: Are these cameras allowed at @EDC_LasVegas
@PasqualeRotella: Yes, no problem


Backpacks and Bags


Q: Got this backpack for edc it’s a little bigger than 12 x12 can you make an exception?
@PasqualeRotella: That’s a dope backpack! Security will follow the 12″x12″ rule though, and I would hate for you to get that taken away


Q: Can we buy small insomniac backpacks at Edc? Me and my girl really need one to keep our stuff together!
@PasqualeRotella: Yes, we will be selling these backpacks at EDC!

Q: Can I bring my mini backpack into EDCLV if it has more than one pocket? It’s smaller than 12″ by 12″
@PasqualeRotella: Sorry, security will be strict on the one pocket rule for backpacks.

Q: What about just a normal small backpack? I just bought one and definitely don’t want to get it taken away.
@PasqualeRotella: Yep, small backpacks & purses are OK (maximum 12″ × 12″)

Q: Are fanny packs allowed?
@PasqualeRotella: Yes, fanny packs are allowed


Q: On the rules it says no stuffed animals.. but this is a backpack?
@PasqualeRotella:  Security won’t let in plush backpacks unfortunately
@PasqualeRotella: No plush bags/backpacks or stuffed animals. We’ve had issues in the past w/ people trying to sneak items inside the plush material


CamelBaks and Reuseable Water Bottles


Q: Will hydration bags be allowed?
@PasqualeRotella: Yes, empty CamelBaks will be allowed at @EDC_LasVegas

Q: Can I bring an empty Camelbak into EDCLV?
@PasqualeRotella: yes! #h2oh

Q: Do camelbacks have to be 12″x12″ as well? This’ll be my first EDC & I don’t wanna do anything wrong.
@PasqualeRotella: Camelbaks don’t have to be 12″x12″ but they should only have 3 pockets or less

Q: Are reuseable water bottles allowed at EDC?
@PasqualeRotella: Yes! So are empty CamelBaks 🙂


Go Pros 

Q: Can we bring Gopros to EDC?
@PasqualeRotella: Yes, GoPros are allowed

Q: Since we’re allowed to bring gopros at EDC Vegas, do the poles have to be plastic so I can record up high?
@PasqualeRotella:  @GoPro extension poles will be allowed as long as they are collapsible

Q: I know go pros are allowed in but can we also bring extra batteries and the charger for it at EDC LV?
@PasqualeRotella:  Batteries + charger are both OK
@PasqualeRotella: Yes, extra batteries for GoPros are allowed. Just prepare to have them examined by security


Tickets and Shuttle Passes

Q: Will the shuttle passes be able to be used at any shuttle or just the location we purchased it from?
@PasqualeRotella : #EDCLV shuttle wristbands will have RFID tags so they’ll only work for the shuttle stop you purchased a pass for

Q: Will there be more shuttle passes for Aria!?
@PasqualeRotella: Some stops are still available, but we can’t add more shuttle passes to sold out stops unfortunately since it’s based on capacity

Q: So what happens if we change hotels? Can we change our stop? I can’t find an answer anywhere 🙁
@PasqualeRotella: Shuttle passes are tied to your original hotel. @Flavorus might be able to switch your pass, call them @ 1-855-2- FLAVOR

Q: Is there any way for you to switch shuttle passes if you bought the wrong one?
@PasqualeRotella: Possibly, if other stops are still available. Call @Flavorus to check at 1-855-2- FLAVOR (8am-8pm PST)

Q: Are EDCLV shuttle passes being mailed to Canada?
@PasqualeRotella: International headliners have to pick up their shuttle passes at the hotel/shuttle location. But festival tix will be mailed!

Q: When will EDCLV tickets be shipped, I’m antsy
@PasqualeRotella: #EDCLV tickets will be shipped at the end of May! 🙂
@PasqualeRotella: They are being mailed out at the end of May now, hang tight 🙂
@PasqualeRotella: #EDCLV shuttle passes are mailed separately, shortly after the tickets ship out (end of May)

Q: Are GA @EDC_LasVegas tickets RF ID wristbands this year or paper?
@PasqualeRotella: #EDCLV tickets are cards this year. VIP will have additional wristbands.

Q: I just moved and my ticket is getting sent to my old house what do I do? 🙁
@PasqualeRotella: Contact @Flavorus for assistance with changing your shipping address

Q: My license expires right before EDCLV, will I still be able to use it to get in/ buy drinks inside?
@PasqualeRotella: Expired licenses won’t be accepted – please bring the expired ID & temporary DMV doc that proves your ID is being renewed

Q: Will passports work?
@PasqualeRotella: A passport will work but be careful, don’t want to lose that!

Q: Can I upgrade to VIP?
@PasqualeRotella:  VIP is completely sold out so upgrades will not be available. Cabanas are still available, email vip@insomniac.com for more info

Q:  Do you know any authorized resellers that are selling legit EDC Vegas tix?
@PasqualeRotella: I don’t sorry. Lots of fraud out there so be careful


Random Questions

Q: Do you sell Tylenol/OTC pain relievers at events?
@PasqualeRotella: If there is an on-site General Store, it will sell OTC meds like Tylenol, Advil, etc.

Q: What’s all going to be offered at the EDCLV VIP Quick Bite dining? One time service or will it be open access entire night?
@PasqualeRotella: The Cafe Package will offer a variety of selections, and will be open from 7 pm-6 am. No reservations needed!

Q: Will there be a ticket refund program for EDCLV this year?
@PasqualeRotella:  No, not this year unfortunately


Q:  What’s up with on-site EDC:LV marriages? My lady and I can’t think of a better place to say I Do
@PasqualeRotella: On http://electricdaisycarnival.com, fill in your info where it says “EDC Wedding Inquiry”. We’ll contact you when details are available!

Q: Will you be having volunteer opportunities for EDC LV this year?
@PasqualeRotella:  The #EDCLV volunteer team is already full. Connect w/ our Ground Control & Night Owls Facebook pages for future opportunities!


And finally Pasquale’s ProTip for a first time EDCLV goer…



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