Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is considered to be the Ibiza of the Western Hemisphere and has some of the best pool parties and club nights in the world. The atmospheres range from laid back to upscale and during the late spring and going through the summer you can dance at night in a club and then spend the day poolside with your favorite DJs. The best time to visit Las Vegas if you’re interested in electronic music is around the time that Electric Daisy Carnival is being held which is in June.

There’s four area’s you want to focus on when planning your trip to Las Vegas and we’ll help and guide you through each one. Those area’s are flight, hotel, pool parties and nightclubs. There’s a lot to do in Las Vegas and we’ll cover those tourist things as well but with the main focus of this site on traveling for dance music that’s what we’ll focus on.

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Choosing a hotel could be the most challenging decision when it comes to planning your trip to Las Vegas. There are a lot of options depending on what you’re looking for but the decision will ultimately be based on your budget.

Marquee Dayclub Pool Party

The pool party you decide to go to should be based on the music that you like. After you’ve been to Las Vegas you’ll probably acquire a favorite and base your decisions on that. We’ve written a guide to pool parties and if you have extra money the benefits of bottle service.

Pool guide

ATB Tao Nightclub Las Vegas

Nightclubs are very similar to pool parties in that you’ll want to go where your favorite music is. There are some top tier clubs such as Marquee and Hakkasan that are the most well known around the world. We’ve written more about Las Vegas nightlife and the benefits of bottle service.

When you are planning your flight into Las Vegas we would suggest arriving as early in the day as you can. Try and overcome any obstacles that may be in the way of you arriving in the morning as opposed to at night, you will love the extra time in Las Vegas. A cab ride from the airport to your hotel will cost you about $20 or the more affordable solution if you aren’t in a hurry is to pay $13 for a round trip ticket using the airport shuttle service. These will drop you off at your hotel and take you back for your return flight. When you arrive at the hotel head straight to the check in desk and try to check in, you may be lucky and your room may be ready. There could be a chance it is not at which point you’ll be able to check your bags and you can start wandering. As for your departure, try and plan for a late flight out of Las Vegas! Assuming you go out the night before you’ll still need to check out of your room early but you’ll love any extra time to sit around a pool, go to another pool party or just relax and get a nice lunch.

Las Vegas is a city that is geared towards the 21+ crowd and that is the standard age for clubs, pool parties and the gambling floors of every casino. You can find things to do in Las Vegas if you are underage but don’t count on anything with electronic music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dress to impress! Las Vegas believes in upscale environments so you’ll want to dress up nicely. Avoid t-shirts, ratty jeans and sneakers.

Dress club for pool parties: Bathing suit, t-shirt and sandals. Avoid jeans. For the girls, make sure to wear a t-shirt as you walk through the casino’s. They may deny you from walking in without one.

Where should I stay? That’s up to you!

Where to party?

Looking for events to go to? There’s no easy way to list every event at every club so you’ll want to go through and click the links to each one and check their calendars. Venues typically release lineups about a month ahead of time.

Pool Parties