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Dancesafe to Have a Presence at TomorrowWorld

TomorrowWorld is this coming weekend in Chattahoochee, Georgia and given the recent high profile deaths and overdoses it’s great to know that Dancesafe is being accepted at a large festival to assist. They will not be te...
by Keith Wozniak

Operation Walking Dead, multinational “Molly” Drug Bust News10 NBC

Methylone Bust Results in 54 Arrests Nationwide

Federal authorities on Monday held a press conference announcing that they infiltrated what they’re calling an international drug trafficking ring focused on Methylone, often referred to as molly. The investigation result...
by Keith Wozniak


Finding Molly: Drugs, Dancing and Death

In the wake of the incidents at Electric Zoo and other deaths at dance music events in America there continues to be a lot written on education, harm reduction and healthy debates about the state of the scene. Going in a comple...
by Keith Wozniak