Las Vegas Pool Party Guide

The option does exist in Las Vegas to just relax by a poolside but the real fun is going to a pool party with one of the worlds best DJs and dancing the afternoon away. You can spend less than $20 for a general admission ticket or spend $3000 or more for an afternoon of debauchery in a cabana. A party will be the highlight of your trip dancing the day away on a small dance floor or splashing water like a little kid to the beat!

Where to Party

Choosing the place to visit will depend on what kind of music you want to hear. If all you want to do is relax, enjoy the sun and swim just head to the pool at your local hotel where you won’t have to pay to get in. Since we focus on electronic music here on this site we’ll list the six most popular spots to hear DJs while in Las Vegas:

You can also check out Bare Pool (The Mirage), Palms (The Palms), Liquid Pool (Aria), ReHab (Hard Rock)

Age Limit

If there’s a party going on you’ll have to be 21+ to enter. If you’re under 21 you’ll just have to visit your hotel pool.


The first thing about tickets is that earlier you buy tickets the cheaper they will be. For those who are really on a budget traveling to Las Vegas you’ll want to plan these out as early as possible. The one time of year you’ll want to buy tickets the moment they go on sale is during EDC Week when Electric Daisy Carnival brings in over 100,000 party goers for one week.

It’s a great idea to plan out your trip and determine what events you would like to go to but don’t overdo yourself. Going out until 4AM or later and then up by 11AM for a pool party may sound great before you arrive but once a hangover kicks in and the sun beats down on you it can take a toll.

Pre sale tickets DO NOT guarantee you entry. The disclaimers for most events state that you can be refused entry due to capacity which is rarely an issue though but this should be mentioned. Venues can also refuse you entry if you fail to meet the dress code (see below) or if you’re visibly intoxicated. Just about everyone pre games but don’t tip back one too many before you arrive!

Bottle Service is Key

The real key to enjoying a pool party is to pay for bottle service on a day bed, couch or cabana. You’ll have a place to sit, rest and even have some shade from the hot sun. The price you’ll be quoted is the minimum that you’ll have to spend on food and drinks. It’s not based on three bottles of liquor, etc. You’re already going to Vegas and know you’ll have to spend money so gather up your friends and clear some room on your credit card. Don’t expect places to sit down and relax and sunbathe if you’re just buying a general admission ticket. If that’s what you’re looking to do than stay at the free hotel pool. Getting bottle service can run you anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a day bed to a few thousand dollars for a cabana or bungalow and it’ll be well worth it. You’ll have someone waiting on you delivering your drinks as needed and you’ll have your own spot to hang out. The prices may seem outrageous at first but when you split it up they aren’t bad at all.

The one thing you’ll want to be cautious of is how many bottles you order! The alcohol will be poured into a tall decanter making it very easy to pour stiff drinks and make a $500 bottle of vodka disappear in no time. When you factor in the cost of splitting bottle service with friends compared to how much everyone has planned to spend on drinks you’ll find it to be a great deal.

* Remember that prices don’t include taxes and tips.

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You can expect pool party venues to be open from 11AM until 6PM with some opening as early as 10AM and staying open later. For those who really want to get the most out of a trip arrive as early as possible and relax pool side before it gets crazy inside of the venue. The headlining DJ will typically play between 3PM and 5PM with openers prior or a local resident.

Do not expect set times to be posted but the prime hours are often from 1PM to 5PM for any day time event.


The amount of money you bring will depend on how much you plan on drinking and whether you are buying for just yourself or a significant other or friends as well. You can expect to pay at least $7 for a beer and $7 to $10 for a mixed drink. Prices will be higher depending on the quality of liquor. The prices are very similar to that of a nightclub. Remember that you still have the evening and night to go once you leave a pool party!

Don’t forget to drink water, even if you have to buy it! The alcohol, dry heat and constant movement will dehydrate you quicker than you’ll realize. Some venues will have a large water jug and plastic cups to help yourself.

Dress Code

The dress code for a pool party is t-shirt, bathing suit and sandals. If you’re a female and will be wearing a bikini make sure you bring a t-shirt to wear through the casino. You may get lucky walking into and through a casino without getting stopped but if you’re caught they won’t let you go any further into the building without putting on a t-shirt or buying one if you didn’t bring one.

You don’t have to dress up like you would the nightclubs and if you do you’ll likely be denied entry. You can probably get away with wearing sneakers into a pool party but do not even think about wearing jeans or a trashy wife beater.

You can bring a towel if you planned to go swimming but the Vegas sun will dry you off quick so don’t bother. A lot of venues will have towels available to either use or even rent, just ask. Many places also have small lockers that you can rent for things like your phone, keys and any other valuables.

As you prepare to jump into the pool just designate one person to hold valuables, don’t jump into a pool with your phone in your pocket!!

Water Quality

This all depends how much of a germaphobe you are. If you’re grossed out by a standard hotel pool you’ll probably want to stay away from these pools. The water will not be green and it will not be cold. Don’t hesitate to jump in or simply relax on the edge with your feet in.

Fitting In

When you watch videos or look at pictures online you’ll see a lot of people and think, “wow I don’t fit in.” Toss that idea out the window. Go and have fun! You are there to listen to your favorite music and party, not judge and be care about being judged. Don’t worry about what others think, be yourself and have fun. Will there be people judging you? Those people are EVERYWHERE so stop worrying about it.

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