What is this place?

First of all, don’t take the name of the site seriously.  I’ve been “in the scene” for a long time and as far back as I can remember people have always said how dead the scene is and the music isn’t what it used to be.  Well, here we are towards the end of 2012 and the music is still playing and people are still dancing like they have since the birth of electronic music.  The music has changed but it’s still about the same things, dancing and having a great time.

Who am I?  I’ve done just about everything except for producing my own music throughout the years.  I’ve handed out flyers, volunteered with Dancesafe, promoted my own large events, ran a large web site for the Western New York scene and nowadays just having fun.

I registered this domain name a long time ago and had some big plans but they never really panned out so I finally decided to make it my own thought dumping ground.

As time goes I’ll provide news, views, links, events, videos, music and more etc (just like any other site) of my adventures and others.  I’ll be writing my own posts along with sharing thoughts and links to others.  Oh and I’m also a big hockey fan so you may see hockey related stuff in my Twitter feed once in a while!


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