AK1200 Speaks His Mind in an Interview

AK12oo is a jungle/drum and bass legend. As simple as that.  (Interview linked below)  There was a time many years ago that you would get excited and thank the rave gods when The Planet of the Drums Tour was headed your way featuring AK1200, Dieselboy, Dara and MC Messinian.  Three guys that you knew would always bring out the most amazing tunes you had probably never heard before.  Amazing to see that they’re still touring – http://www.planetofthedrums.com/

There’s a number of great lines in the interview but these stood out:

“When I said Carl Cox was who I looked up to, it is because this guy was just someone playing all kinds of music and making it his own, he was using 3 decks, and he was fusing techno beats with breakbeats and with accapellas and with house grooves and was having the time of his life doing it.”


“I just want to be known for being someone who gave as much as or more than he ever got from this industry.”

There’s so much more to the interview about his past, present and the future that it’s a must read:



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