Multi Genre Main Stage at EDC Vegas 2013 and More Attractions

InTheMix interviewed Pasquale Rotella and he shared some information about Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 that has generated some instant excitement!

There’ll be the typical dedicated stages but the main stage will have a bit of everything.  In my opinion this should work out well because it’ll open the ears of many to different sounds.  We’re all prisoners of our own style but every once in a while you hear something you like that you normally wouldn’t listen to.  Here’s what he said:

We’ll have dedicated genre stages, but we want to mix it up. Especially on our largest stage, we’re going to have everything from hardstyle to house to dubstep to trance to techno. It’€™s going to be different. We’€™re actually going to have a hardstyle act play on our mainstage, which has never been done in the United States. We’€™re going to experiment.

Talking about the stages and attractions he said:

This year we saw the interest of our fan-base that wanted to check out set design and more theatrical shows on the Vegas Strip – so we’re going to meld those two worlds together. We want to bring set design to the table, but still also offer the technology side. We’€™re going to get real creative with the stages – we’€™re going to have art installations, additional art cars roaming the festival ground and a few surprises as well for when you get there.

You can read the whole article here.


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