EDC Vegas ProTip #80 Water Water Water Water

This is an obvious one but not only because people will be on drugs but the fact that it’s hot as hell in Las Vegas! Prior to leaving the North East someone told me that it was a different kind of heat and not that bad. You know what? It was hot. Really hot. I don’t care about the different kind of heat.

You’ll want to stay hydrated because of the heat and here’s a few things to keep in mind.

* Be cautious of drinking water from strangers. The odds are that everyone is looking out for everyone but there’s always a couple of bad people in a crowd, don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. There’s water refill stations all over inside of the festival if you need some.

* Before you leave your hotel to get on the shuttle bus make sure to bring a bottle of water for what could be up to a two hour trip.

* When you’re leaving the festival make sure to refill or buy a bottle of water on the way out for the ride back.

* As you are wondering around the Las Vegas strip make sure to bring water with you from your hotel room so you aren’t spending more money than you need to. There are people and stores everywhere but you may as well be prepared.

* If you are drinking alcohol make sure you are also drinking water. Stating the obvious but alcohol dehydrates you and the more you drink the more you forget about water. Watch out for yourself and your friends.

* If you are attending any clubs or pool parties remember that water is not cheap, you may expect to pay $5 or more for a bottle so plan how much money you carry with you.

And for the last sentence, water can also be a dangerous thing. Take a lot of sips and don’t always chug it down! Although water intoxication is very rare it’s also a real thing.

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