EDC Las Vegas Ticket Packages to Start Shipping on Thursday

The tweet below from Pasquale Rotella is one that we’ve all been waiting for, ticket packages are starting to ship on Thursday! He also posted the attached picture on Instagram.

They may not ship all 115,000 tickets at once though so don’t be alarmed if yours do not ship right away. In 2012 mine were in the second batch and it was sad seeing pictures of everyone else with their packages but don’t stress, yours will arrive.

Once your package is shipped out you’ll get an e-mail from Insomniac or Flovorus stating that it has been shipped. To track your package visit https://www.flavorus.com and login to your account at the top. Once you are logged in you’ll see a small mail truck next to Order Details. Click on that and there’ll be a tracking number you can click on and it will tell you if your package has been shipped yet.

Notice a problem with your order or shipping address? Contact Flovorus, they have great customer service!

Pasquale Rotella Announcing EDC Las Vegas Packages Shipping

Opening the package with your ticket is one step closer to being there with everyone else!


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