Las Vegas Becomes Club City

The days of just referring to Las Vegas as Sin City ended a long time ago. Las Vegas is now becoming known as Club City as gambling revenues drop and the desire to party continues to gain momentum. The big money is in the bottle service booths that surround every dance floor and pool in Las Vegas where some people spend more money in a night than some of us make in six months.

The clubs are amazing from the sound to the lights to the music. There’s millions of dollars invested into these buildings to provide an experience you aren’t able to get anywhere else. A bit of caution though if you’ve never been to these places: the dance floor isn’t as big as you’d think it’d be. The continued rise in popularity of electronic music is fueling all of this and in a city like Las Vegas they’ll keep it going as long as they can.

The 2013 EDC Week calendar is only six days and there’s lineups like these every weekend. Now that we’re into pool season there are even more.

From the article in The Seattle Times:

In Sin City, where over-the-top is always the sales pitch, lavish nightclubs featuring a heart-pounding party have become the backbone of a billion-dollar industry that is soaring while gambling revenue slips.

“We learned a long time ago that in order to continue to attract people from around the world, we have to provide things that are hard to find anywhere else,” said Jim Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts International, which operates nine Strip hotel-casinos boasting their own dance scenes. “These clubs, if done correctly, are tremendous magnets.”

A $100 million temple to revelry, XS is the top-earning nightclub in the country, joining six other Vegas venues in the top 10. Its estimated annual revenue hovers somewhere near $90 million, according to the trade publication Nightclub & Bar.

and another part..

At the flick of his upraised palms, Guetta had thousands of revelers whooping, jumping and punching their fists in the air. When he added a drumbeat into a chorus, metallic streamers dropped from the ceiling and a fog machine churned.

“Nothing compares with this,” said 23-year-old Katie Kelly, a student in San Louis Obispo, Calif., as she bobbed her index fingers skyward. “You just release and don’t care about anything.”

There’s a lot more, read the rest here.

If you want to read about excessive spending, read: The Best Night $500,000 Can Buy written by GQ.


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