Listen to the Daft Punk Interview with Pete Tong

They mention at the start of the interview that it’s the first time in at least 10 years that Pete Tong has interviewed Daft Punk.

An interesting concept behind the album is they not only worked with other musicians but focused on working in a studio by replacing machines with people. This isn’t an album where they sat down behind a laptop and keyboard and hammered out a listing of songs.

Pete Tong asked will there be a live show? “There’s no plans right now,” Daft Punk said.

Also interesting to note that much of the album was recorded in America. These guys do an amazing job of keeping things from leaking out. Adds evidence to the thought that bands and artists themselves are the ones who really leak things out for more press. Something Daft Punk doesn’t have to do.

Daft Punk is hopefully bringing back the groove to popular dance music.



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