Sit Down for these Hakkasan Premium Beverage Packages

Hakkasan at the MGM Grand is one of the newest and most lavish clubs in the world backed by a Las Vegas billionaire and if you’ve been thinking about looking into bottle service while in Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival you may want to think again. The premium packages run from $12,000 all the way up to $500,000. This image was shared by Coco (Ice T’s wife) and has quickly spread because of how outrageous they are.

But hey, if you have the money you may not blink an eye at them and if that’s the case you may as well go for a helicopter ride towards VIP service at EDC.

The Zen package is $12,000 and includes two magnums of Grey Goose, a bottle of Patron Platinum and 10 bottles of Dom Perignon.

The Emperor package for $17,500 includes a cool 20 bottles of Dom Perignon.

Move on up to Dragon level for a measly $30,000 gets you 10 Jeroboams (3L) of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label.

The 888 package is the cost of a small house in the United States at $60,000 and will get you eight magnums of Dom Perignon, eight magnums of Ace of Spades Gold Brut and eight magnums of Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Blanc de Blanc.

The last package, Dynastic, is for those who’ve been invited by American Express for a black card and will only set you back $500,000. Includes one bottle of each of the following sizes of Ace of Spades Gold Brut 750 ml, Magnum (1.5L), Jeroboam (3L), Rehoboam (4.5L), Methuselah (6L), Salamazar (9L), Balthazar (12L), Nebuchanezzar (15L) and Midas (30L).

Where’s the Bud Light, Coors and Mr Boston rum and cokes?

Hakkasan Drink Menu


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