Pasquale Rotella Invites Wendy Williams to EDC Las Vegas

There was a lot of talk on Thursday about alleged talk show host Wendy Williams for her ridiculous commentary on the legal troubles of Pasquale Rotella and his love life and upcoming wedding with Holly Madison. After talking to other people I can at least appreciate that I wasn’t the only one who had never heard of the alleged talk show host Wendy Williams up until this week.

She goes on a rant about Pasquale’s legal troubles and convicts him on TV with her horrible commentary but she makes sure to use the word alleged with every statement to make sure she doesn’t get herself in trouble. This is why I’ve written alleged by her name for everything. She all goes on to tell Holly Madison to run for the hills and not get married to Pasquale.

She goes on to spew a bunch of nonsense about people hanging from the rafters at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The Coliseum, you know, the open air stadium. Where’s the rafters in that? It’s a lot of other generalizations about raves being drug fests and kids being all loopy listening to horrible music.

This is the same host that had Armin van Buuren as a guest a few weeks ago and she speaks highly of him being a superstar DJ and selling out Madison Square Garden. Hey Wendy, what about the drug fueled untz untz untz event with people hanging from those rafters? She asks Armin about his new cd, his law degree and being a superstar. You can watch that one below if you missed it.

Is she right about some of those things? Of course but it’s your typical nonsense talk that gets all of us talking about it and getting her name into homes that had never heard of her before. Mission accomplished.

Pasquale took to Twitter though to invite Wendy Williams to Las Vegas stating:

Pasquale Rotella invites Wendy Williams to Vegas

Wendy, will we see you there?

If you care to torture yourself with this alleged talk show host you can watch the video here. Warning though, you won’t ever get the 10 minutes in life back! After you watch the video you’ll know why I wrote alleged so many times.

Jump to about 6:33.

Told you. This is the same host that was gushing over Armin van Buuren appearing on her show recently:


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