May 28, 2013

EDC Las Vegas 2013 Festival Guidelines of Allowed and Prohibited Items

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Written by: Keith Wozniak

The Electric Daisy Carnival web site has been updated with the 2013 guidelines and as you read the list you’ll probably wonder if anything is allowed. The list is a long list of NO and a handful of YES items. The list is standard for just about any large festival or even big concert. People will get things in that are listed as NO and other people will get the same things taken away.

LED gloves and LED microlights are two items prohibited at Insomniac events that people still seem to get the most upset about. Does it make sense? Not really but there’s no need in going into detail. It’s a rule at their events, just accept it and move on. It’s not the end of the world.

Here’s the list and feel free to leave a comment if there’s any questions!

Updated 6/14: GoPro camera’s are now allowed!!


  • NO Re-entry/Ins & Outs Per Day
  • NO Daytime Parking, your car will be towed
  • NO Camping
  • NO Refunds or Exchanges
  • NO Sitting on Designated Dance Floor Areas
  • NO Moshing, Crowd Surfing or Stage Diving
  • NO Unauthorized/Unlicensed Vendors Allowed
  • NO Unauthorized Solicitations, Handbills, Sampling, Give-Aways, etc.
  • NO Illegal Substances
  • NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
  • NO Pets
  • NO Massagers
  • NO Laser Pointers
  • NO LED Gloves or LED Microlights used for Light Shows
  • NO Pacifiers or Dust Masks
  • NO Eyedrops (available inside festival at the General Store)
  • NO Glass, Cans, Cups or Coolers
  • NO Markers, Pens or Spray Paint
  • NO Large Chains or Spiked Jewelry
  • NO Stickers, Flyers, Banners or Posters
  • NO Balloons, Balls, Inflatable Balls or Frisbees
  • NO Tents, Large Umbrellas, Chairs or Blankets
  • NO Backpacks Over 12″ × 12″
  • NO Bota Bags
  • NO Large Purses or Bags (Anything Over 12″ × 12″)
  • NO Stuffed Animals or Dolls (Including Plush Backpacks)
  • NO Open Packs of Cigarettes or Unsealed Tampons (Upon Entry)
  • NO Outside Food or Beverages (Including Alcohol and Candy)
  • NO Weapons of any Kind (Includes Pocket Knives, Pepper Spray, Fireworks, etc.)
  • NO Professional Recording Equipment – Photo, Video, or Audio (No Detachable Lenses, Tripods, Big Zooms or Commercial Use Rigs)
  • NO Video Cameras
  • YES Small Bags, Single Compartment Backpacks and Purses (maximum 12″ × 12″)
  • YES Reusable Insomniac Aluminum Water Bottles (must be empty upon entry)
  • YES Fanny Packs
  • YES Non-Professional Flash/Still Cameras
  • YES Cell Phones
  • YES Sunglasses
  • YES Hats
  • YES Lighters
  • YES Closed Packs of Cigarettes
  • YES Sealed/Wrapped Tampons
  • YES Earplugs
  • YES Sealed Chapstick and Lipgloss
  • YES Glowsticks
  • YES Glowing/Illuminated Costumes or Jewelry
  • YES Sealed Packs of Gum
  • YES Camel Backs (empty upon entry)
  • Your Ticket
  • Your Photo ID (please see identification details)
  • Smiles
  • Comfortable Clothing and Shoes
  • Good Vibes
  • Festive Costumes

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Keith Wozniak
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  1. PL says:

    Is lipstick allowed?

    1. keithwozniak says:

      If it’s plastic sealed, same category as chap stick/lip gloss above.

  2. Petey says:

    I wanna make a sign … would that be allowed

  3. KR says:

    Check Pasquale’s twittier for other items that are allowed and not. He answered tons of questions the other day. For example, LED hoops and poi are both allowed, as are consumer grade walkie-talkies and handmade banners and flags (no corporate logos like Q-Dance).