Update on 2013 Shuttle Passes if You Still Have Not Received Yours

Are you one of many that did not receive your 2013 shuttle pass with your ticket order? Don’t stress, you’re not the only one. I haven’t received mine either. The information has been confusing since some people got them and many did not. Chances are your original order said will call for the shuttle pass so there shouldn’t be any need to stress about any of it if yours does not get sent out

The latest news is that Flavorus is going to be sending most out. Pasquale Rotella sent out the following tweet which I replied to and got the additional response from Flavorus:

Pasquale Rotella tweet about 2013 shuttle passes

What does it mean? Exactly what it says. The best way to know the status of your shuttle pass is to visit http://www.flavorus.com/ and login to your account and check the status of your order. Up until last week my own shuttle pass had still said will call so I just assumed that’s how I’d get it. When I logged into my account today it is now shows Delivery: USPS First-Class.

2013 Shuttle Pass

Go there now and check your order, it’s that simple! I didn’t pay anything for shipping but it appears as though it’ll be shipped out. Check your order on your account and it’ll give you the answer.

If you still have not received your actual ticket yet and it was supposed to be shipped out you’ll want to email Flavorus to look into it. On their help center as of May 14 they wrote:

UPDATED MAY 14, 2013-  Not all packages have been shipped yet. Shipping continues every day and will continue for the next week or so. The date on which you purchased your tickets has no bearing as to the shipping order, they are shipped randomly. You will receive an email when your packagegets to the post office telling you your tracking number so you can see the progress. If you have not received your package by June 1, please feel free to email us at help@flavorus.com.

Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer or help get you an answer!


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