2013 EDC Las Vegas Shuttle Passes are Still Available

The shuttle passes for Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 in Las Vegas ARE STILL AVAILABLE! Capital letters for effect. The idea seems to be out there that they are sold out and that is false. You can buy one and do not need to try and find one anywhere else.

Will they be shipped out or will they be held at will call? Well, that’s a great question. Flavorus continues to give odd information. On the link below to buy tickets it says, “Your tickets will be delivered via USPS First-Class Mail.” Earlier this evening though they tweeted, “shipping is no longer available.” Whether it’s shipped out or held at will call do not stress about it, you’ll get on the shuttle bus!


The shuttle passes are $75 + $10.13 in service fee’s + $5.50 shipping for a total of $90.63. Not a bad deal for the comforts of not having to drive. The other question, do you have to pay shipping if it’s not shipped? Yes.

Besides all the odd information THE SHUTTLE PASSES ARE STILL AVAILABLE. As of May 30, 2013.

Still wondering if you need to buy a shuttle pass? Read ProTip #81 BUY A SHUTTLE PASS.

Are you going to be driving to the festival instead? Read ProTip #29 Driving to the Festival.

You can’t just walk from the Las Vegas stip to the Speedway and a cab ride will likely cost you close to if not more than $100 each way. Also don’t think you can just hop on a bicycle. Well, you might be able to but it’s dangerous and be careful.



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