12 Overdoses and 12 Arrests at Ocean Club near Boston

The rave scene went through similar turmoil in the early 2000’s as the rave scene peaked into mainstream culture with high profile raves every weekend in most major cities. There were overdoses, deaths and plenty of prime time television shoes discussing the dangers of ecstasy. It’s still too early to tell if we’re headed down the same path but the last paragraph from the article says a lot.

From the Patriot Ledger:

Keenan said police got the first report of ambulance calls to the Ocean Club for overdoses on May 26. The reports tapered off, then spiked again in mid-July.

He said he then met with Koch, and Lt. Patrick Glynn and other detectives began undercover surveillance and “buy-bust” purchases and arrests inside the club and in the parking lot.

“We wanted to get out in front of this,” Keenan said.

Anyone who has thought this scene has been flying under the radar has been mistaken. Law enforcement isn’t oblivious.

The article mentions the overdoses and the arrests saying:

Quincy’s mayor and police chief say the Ocean Club at Marina Bay should be closed, after undercover officers made 12 arrests for the alleged possession and sale of the ecstasy drug “Molly” and cocaine there in the last three weeks.

Chief Paul Keenan said Wednesday morning that 12 “Molly” overdoses have occurred at the outdoor club since late May, including two on Aug. 31.

“For Quincy, that number is off the charts,” Keenan said of both the overdoses and arrests.

He said none of the overdoses were fatal. Only one involved a Quincy resident. The other 11 were club-goers from outside the South Shore area.

The Quincy Club has been host to just about every big name DJ to large crowds. It sounds like Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch and Police Chief Paul Keenan will now make attempts to keep the club from reopening.


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