A Sneak Peek into the TomorrowWorld Progress

This will truly be an amazing experience. Project Manager, Shawn Kent stated:

[blockquote style=”style-1″ icon=”none”]300 acts on 500 acres of sets and eight stages, all for 50,000 people watching three days in a row. 35,000 of them will camp in a designated area with a two mile main street constructed near showers and bathrooms. It’s like Disneyland or Disneyworld for adults, it’s on that scale in terms of set design, and amazing feeling of being in a vacation landscape. It’s something of a completely different level that here in the US we’re not really used to.[/blockquote]

With TomorrowWorld only 10 days away, the anticipation of what the weekend will bring is on every festival goers minds. Here are some behind the scenes photos along with some aerial shots of the progress being made. Note that the first aerial photo only represents an estimated 1/5 of the entire festival size.

The property is also owned by a fellow Belgian, which made the final destination an easy pick by ID&T.

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