Armin van Buuren Releases Portable DJ System

After Flo Rida’s mediocre attempt at making his name known in the $20 billion dollar EDM market with Beamz, Armin van Buuren takes the lead and presents the Phillips M1X-DJ. Armin says that this equipment is a scaled down version of what he uses at live events. Really scaled down.

Though this may remind you of a glorified boom box with an Apple dock, The M1X-DJ really has some great features. It comes integrated with an Apple Lightning connector and above the speakers are mini turntables with an effective mixer that will run for up to 5 hours on D batteries. The retail price comes in just shy of $550, which is a fraction of the cost of some full equipment setups.

The 1980s saw people carrying around large boom boxes on their shoulders blasting music. Will 2014 be the year of the portable DJ setup for parties on the go? Phillips, if you’re reading this we are ready to road test one of these on the streets of Las Vegas during EDC Week 2014 if you feel like sending us a demo unit.

Phillips D8444 M1X-DJ

Anyone serious about being a DJ will likely invest in a slightly different setup but for those with money to spend could find it to be a useful piece of equipment when going to a park, beach or even tailgate party at a sporting event or festival.

The Phillips announcement states:

Philips and Armin van Buuren are launching the M1X-DJ System. Combining a sleek design aesthetic and easy-to-use interface with innovative technology, the M1X-DJ allows anyone who wants to mix, play and share their music in one portable device. It combines a DJ controller and sound system that comes integrated with an Apple Lightning connector and Bluetooth connectivity and works seamlessly with the djay 2 app from Algoriddim.

Here’s the video from Phillips showing off the equipment followed by an Engadget review.


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