TomorrowWorld: The DreamVille Experience Review

After making the 1.5 mile hike down a winding gravel road you will arrive at DreamVille! As an attendee to the festival this year, DreamVille was one of the most important aspects of the trip. Since this is where you would be spending half your day for four days straight, it could either add to the experience or take away from it. I have to say, it definitely added to the overall festival experience.

The cleanliness of DreamVille during my stay was surprisingly good. Three to five times a day a team of oversized golf carts that acted like a garbage truck team made rounds through the campground. Similar to living on a normal residential street, these groundskeepers would pick up your full garbage bags left next to the main boardwalk that ran nearly two miles down the heart of DreamVille. This is not to say that some campers did not pick up after themselves, but the TomorrowWorld team did everything they could to keep our living areas clean.


There were two main entrances to the festival grounds, one in the middle of DreamVille and one on the end near the easy tents and relax rooms. This was quite convenient with the farthest walk maybe 5-8 minutes to reach the gates from anywhere in DreamVille. The lines to enter were never more than a few minutes thanks to the quick pat down process and automatic bracelet readers ID&T implemented at the entrance.


Another focal point on everyones minds prior to arrival were the shower and restroom facilities.  The main concern being if there were readily available and clean. Once again TomorrowWorld surpassed my expectations with large bright shower facilities that were cleaned multiple times per day. The only complaint that I heard was its 2 tokens to take a shower, which worked out to be roughly $4.00. Through out DreamVille were multiple restrooms that were cleaned two times per day and usually always stocked with the common necessities. The whole time there I never had to wait to use the restroom, which is nice especially in the daytime heat or night time chill.

Near the parking lot entrance and exit for DreamVille campers was a small food and drink station that served burgers, hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, water and powerade. Once you ventured to the center of the campground you would find the main food hub. In this area you could find a bakery, bar-b-que, sausages, hotdogs, burgers and bratwurst. The drinks available here ranged from beer to the much needed refreshing water. While there were a lot of choices to pick from, your paper money was no good for payment. TomorrowWorld implemented a token system to make any food or drink purchase through out the festival. 1 token was equivalent to roughly $2.00, and I have to say the food prices were a little high. For example my group got 4 Burgers and 4 waters which cost 28 tokens ( Burgers- 5 tokens, water 2 tokens). Converted back to USD, it cost us nearly $60.00! This I would say was the only problem with DreamVille, the high food and drink prices.

Below are pictures of the tokens used through out the festival and DreamVille.

image (2)

image (1)

In the main area was a convenience store and clothing shops that sold glow goods, shirts, shorts and female festival outfits. These shops gladly accepted normal currency.

I think is the highlight of DreamVille was the campers and after-parties! The general morale in the campground was extremely high all weekend. 98% of everyone I encountered were extremely happy and usually greeted you with a hug or a high five, P.L.U.R. was definitely in full effect. After the festival ends is when DreamVille really came alive. People had their music going and partied the night away. The nighttime security was very friendly and respected the fact that everyone was there for a good time. Most of the campground was up until at least 3-4 am every night, mingling or wandering from camp to camp making new friends. While the presence of security was there, they allowed people to have their fun and make mini festivals throughout the site. Around 3:30 am is when security began to ask people to turn down their music to lower levels to respect the people who did want to get to sleep early. Not once did I see any altercations in the campground the whole weekend. To set the party vibe ID&T had an impressive laser light show over DreamVille from the nearby lake and entrance for roughly 2 hours after the festival closed.


Overall I would say DreamVille gets a solid A, with the only thing keeping it from an A+ being the food and drink prices. I have personally made some great friends from all over the world through this experience. I recommend everyone to give DreamVille a shot at the next TomorrowWorld!!! And yes, the Joker did photobomb the picture, but it was just to perfect to delete.



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