Being Prepared for Will Call Tickets

Anyone who lives in the United States can expect to have their tickets mailed to them. Anyone outside of the United States can either have their tickets shipped to them or choose to pick up their tickets at will call.

In order to pickup tickets at will call you’ll need your identification and the credit card you used to purchase the tickets. Pretty simple.

A lot can happen in the six to seven months between the time that tickets go on sale until the festival itself. The moment you purchase your tickets find the closest copy machine and make a photo copy of your ID and credit card. We’ve all either lost a credit/debit card, had one deactivated due to fraud, it being stolen or just a whole new card being issued. Life will be much simpler for you to have a copy of what you used to buy your ticket. Another benefit to having a photo copy of what you’ve used is that if something comes up where you can’t go or you need to sell your ticket you’ll have something to give the other person. Just black out everything but the last four digits of the card. It’s also a good idea to print out your credit card statement to keep on file in case there’s any kind of dispute later on.

Will you need all of that? Probably not. Be prepared though. There’s enough posts online every June with people dealing with those scenarios.

Arrive as early as you can on the first day of the festival, the will call lines will be long and messy.

Another option you may want to consider is working with an American friend to purchase your tickets and have them shipped their US address to so that you can avoid the entire will call mess. Make sure it’s someone you can trust and won’t disappear on you.


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