Schaller Family Denies Proposed EDC At Woodstock 94 Location

Towards the end of summer there was news of Electric Daisy Carnival being held at Winston Farms, the location of Woodstock ’94 but that idea has been scrapped. The event was planned to be held over Memorial Day weekend in 2014. There’s an update below from Insomniac.

The idea of EDC New York moving out of parking lots of sports stadiums in New York and into the countryside sounded more exciting but this news could benefit party goers in the end. ID&T has plans to hold Mysteryland 2014 at the original 1964 Woodstock location in Bethel Woods and competing events would have given party goers a tough decision to make.

Statement from Jennifer Forkish, Insomniac’s Vice President of Communcations and Public Affairs:

The proposal was denied by the Schaller family, the owners of Winston Farms, who did not feel comfortable hosting a dance music festival on their site. Local officials often have questions over any type of mass gathering and this was no different. However, the proposal was nixed due to a lack of venue, not due to healthy and safety concerns.

Here’s was originally reported by a local news report about EDC at Winston Farms location:

Myers said during a Town Board meeting Wednesday that the proposed Electric Daisy Carnival event will not be held. She said the local fire and ambulance services did not feel they could safely provide services during that type of event.

“The Electric Daisy concert does not look like it’s going to happen,” Myers said. “There were some concerns about how to safely manage that and the Schaller family has had some concerns as well.”

The Schaller family owns Winston Farm.

Councilman Fred Costello said it is important to note that the concert was in its preliminary planning stages. He said there have been some starts and stops for events at Winston Farm, but the town wants to cooperate with the groups planning those events and make sure they are a good fit for the community. Costello added that the town will continue to provide information about such events as it becomes available.

“The start and stops come as a result of their fleshing out an idea,” Costello said. “And, for whatever reason, along the way some of those ideas have not been practical.”

Source: Daily Freeman


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