20,000 Tickets Sold in Two Minute, EDC Vegas 2014 Half Way to a Sell Out

The day finally arrived for tickets to go on sale for Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 in Las Vegas and the first tier of tickets sold out in 120 seconds before they moved up in price. The tier 1 tickets sold for $249 and 20,000 of them were sold at a pace of 167 tickets per second. The second level of tickets went up to $299 and sold out within about 45 minutes before reaching tier 3 at $345. Seven hours after the tickets went on sale the third tier are still available.

The remaining tickets will go on sale again on December 2, 2013 and stay at the $345 price level. The first tier of VIP tickets at $499 sold out as well within three hours of going on sale remaining VIP tickets will stay priced at $599.

Pasquale Rotella has also mentioned on Twitter that over half of the show is already sold out meaning they sold approximately 65,000 tickets in one day.

Shuttle passes will go on sale on December 2, 2013 and be priced at $75-80, the same as 2013.

A quick recap:

Tier 1 General Admission $249: Sold out in two minutes

Tier 2 General Admission $299: Sold out in 45 minutes

Tier 3 General Admission $345: Still available and the general on sale price, will not go any higher.

Tier 1 VIP $499: Sold out within three hours.

Tier 2 VIP $599: Still available and the general on sale price.

The shuttle passes will go on sale on December 2, 2013 as well and be priced at $75-80, the same cost as 2013.

Anyone who purchased a ticket should be receiving a confirmation email soon.


There’s no word on exactly how many tickets have been sold other than the initial 20,000 but it sure seems like tickets are selling faster than they have the previous three years. The loyalty sale continues until 12 pm PST on Tuesday, November 25, 2013 before going on sale to everyone on December 2, 2013 at the $345 price level for general admission and $599 for VIP.

The official EDC Week will run from June 17-23 for an entire week with the festival itself from June 20-22, 2014. EDC Week will feature club nights and pool parties every day along with the EDM Biz conference and the premier of a brand new dance music awards show.


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