Lady Casa Hopes for Her Own Festival

Lady Casa, formerly known as Molly Casa, was recently featured in the Miami New Times and one of the things she mentioned is that someday she hopes to organize her own festival. Unlike HARD Events there’s no way a festival hosted by her would have a ban on kandi. There’d probably be a requirement to enter with an armful of kandi, a notebook full of words of wisdom and a really skimpy outfit.

The article stated:

Lady Casa hopes to one day organize her own festival celebrating love, healthy living, music, and the arts. But for now, she’s content to spread light at dance music festivals across the country.

“People ask, ‘Aren’t you so annoyed? You keep being stopped, and you have to talk to people the whole time,’” she says. “I’m not annoyed, because it’s always a loving interaction. It’s always someone who loves what I’m wearing, loves what I’m doing, loves what I have to say.”

Source: Miami New Times

Who is Lady Casa? She says she’s more than a queen raver, more than a go-go dancer and more than an entertainer. Check out her Instagram and Twitter for an idea along with her web site called PLUR Warriors to see for yourself.

Lady Casa

By this point of the article you’ve either cringed or have already sent her a message wishing her luck on this dream.


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