Proof That the EDC Philly Posts and Images Are Fake

The internet is on fire tonight with the explosion of posts and images saying that Insomniac briefly posted images for EDC Philadelphia 2014 from May 2-4, 2014 but there’s a simple way to prove it was a fake, the custom url. One of the images has a shortened link that had which didn’t direct to any web site. Once a custom link is created it can’t be deleted so I went over to the site to see if it was still available but accidentally hit enter and now it directs to an image on the radio station site You’re welcome, I’m directly more traffic to your site! On the other hand I was able to create that directs you here!

There you have it. It’s fake. No one would make a post like that with a url that didn’t already exist. Could there be an EDC in Philadelphia? Anything is possible but this instance it’s a total fake.

EDC New York could still be a possibility, Pasquale Rotella tweeted that they are just waiting for a venue contract to be signed.

Here’s the supposed fake post that briefly appeared on the Insomniac page:

EDC Philly Fake Post

Here’s the screenshot of my account where I created it:

Custom bitly Created



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