Kaskade says the Real EDC Takes Place at The Coliseum

TMZ caught up with Kaskade at an airport and to ask him his thoughts about Ultra Music Festival possibly needing to find a new home. He stated that Miami is overreacting and that the city makes millions of dollars. It was also mentioned that they need to beef up security to handle the problems.

When asked about the possibility of Ultra needing a new home Kaskade replied with, “I just can’t even imagine Ultra not having their home base, their home festival. It’s kind of like EDC Las Vegas. It’s like yea, it’s cool, it works in Las Vegas but everybody knows that’s not the real EDC. The real EDC takes place here in Los Angeles at The Coliseum.”

They also asked Kaskade if he thought EDM would have such a staying power and he replied, “nah nah, it’s crazy that it’s come this far. It’s amazing man. It’s awesome. It’s what a lot of people work for.”

DJ Kaskade — Ultra Music Festival Has to Stay in Miami
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