EDC Vegas Trance Lineup is Complete along with Bigger Structure

As we’re all desperate for any type of information regarding Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas we all start to search for social networking accounts of people who have the inside information. One such account has shared some great information who claims to be, “Insomniac Events Experience Creator EDC Production Manager & Creator of The (Night Owl Experience) For #Edc Vegas 2014.” The person has had shared a lot of Instagram pictures of production and information that seems pretty legit. They’ve also shared a lot of information on Twitter as well that seems to add to the credibility. The account existed as this was being typed up but has since been removed.

The first Instagram post had this:

Happy that today we finally completed the #TRANCE lineup for @edc_lasvegas 2014. Bigger Structure, Check, #Trance, Check. It was definitely a struggle. Booking trance artist is not as easy as I thought. I have a new respect for all those management teams.

The second and now deleted Instagram post shared the following:

I want to share some interesting news I found out today. Many of you ask why #Trance not a massive genre booked at festivals? Why don’t you book more trance? Well here’s why! Unfortunately the cost of booking these Trance artists is #expensive. Their management has to take into account #Airfare #Hotel& other expenses. So when their management tells us the Total cost $____. It’s way out of budget for a (1 hour set).. Compared to a different artist. Whom is traveling all over American & can easily stop by a festival with no problems. Then go play a club to make up his #Airfare. With all that that cuts booking cost. Let’s admit it? Do you see trance artists being booked for Vegas residencies? Besides (Above and Beyond)! So these guys have to come all the way from another country to play (1 set) then go back home. As you know they don’t travel/Tour America often. How do we fix this? I’m working on it for edc 2015.. I did my best in pushing for this year’s Edc Vegas trance line up. I hope everyone is cool with it.. The entire vegas line up is almost complete. Have a great week everyone! See you in 66 days
Source: Instagram

There’ll be trance. Will there be a trance stage or just trance acts spread around a couple of different stages? We’ll have to wait and see. Interesting to read information like this being posted though.

There’s a lot of trance artists that are from North America and also touring the United States often. TomorrowWorld had a great trance lineup. Ultra Music Festival had a good amount of trance. We’ll have to just wait and see at this point.

The lineup will be out sometime between now and June 20, 2014. It was released on May 1, 2013 last year.


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